Yellow Sea Cucumber (Cucumaria Miniata)
  • Yellow Sea Cucumber (Cucumaria Miniata)
  • Yellow Sea Cucumber (Cucumaria Miniata) 2
  • Yellow Sea Cucumber (Cucumaria Miniata) 3
  • Yellow Sea Cucumber (Cucumaria Miniata) 4

Robust Yellow Sea Cucumber (Colochirus robustus)


Brilliant Yellow

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These beautiful bright yellow sea cucumbers are echinoderm (spiney skin). They are known as the Robust Sea Cucumber.  The elegant protrusions on the ends of their cylinder body are a ring of eight feeder tentacles. These tentacles expand to catch drifting particles in the water and then are brought into the mouth to feed. With the tube feet they attach to the underside of rocks and sponges to catch food. As a filter feeder they enjoy faster moving water. The Yellow Sea Cucumber will reproduce sexually by releasing sperm and eggs into the water or asexually by splitting in two. The adults will reach 3 inches in length.

This cucumber is guaranteed for live arrival.

    • Care Level
    • Tank Requirements
      75 gal minimum
    • Reef Safe
    • Temperament
    • Diet
      Filter feeder/Omnivore
    • Current Size
      Approx. .50-1 inch
    • Full-Size
      Approx. 5 inches
    • Water Parameters
      0ppm, 72-78F, pH 8.0-8.3
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