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Salty Underground began as a single-person startup, in a basement with one fish tank full of Pom Pom Xenia.

Since then, we have grown to a 7500 sq. ft. facility and over 75 tanks.

Salty Underground is run by a close-knit team of Saltwater hobby enthusiasts, marine biologists, customer service representatives and marketing specialists. We each undertake rigorous training to maintain the quality we strive to deliver.

Berghia Nudibranch

We are industry leaders in the aquaculture of Berghia Nudibranch, with over 20 years of experience you can trust.

Our Berghia systems are hand fed and maintained daily.

All our Berghia come from eggs bred in-house, which allows us to guarantee the greatest quality.

As an additional benefit, in-house breeding allows us to keep our Berghia prices consistently low! Aiptasia be warned, there is not a more effective way to be rid of an infestation.

Because of this, we have the ability to dedicate resources to culturing Velvet Nudibranchs. More on that soon!


We are proud to say the vast majority of our corals are aquacultured, as we aim to minimize our impact on the oceans. We also buy merchandise from local hobbyists and wholesalers to bring you the best price.

All of our corals are checked for hitchhikers and defects upon arrival. Then placed in quarantine systems and monitored for a week. If we observe any unusual behavior, like refusal to open, they will be placed in a new tank to heal. Once completely recovered, we will list them online for sale.

The pictures we take are not excessively saturated with actinic lighting. What we post online is as close as possible to what your coral will look like in your aquarium. Animals tagged with "WYSIWYG" (What You See Is What You Get) should look the same in our tanks, online, and in your system.


Our live saltwater fish are kept in tip-top shape! Upon arrival our fish are checked for illness and parasites.

Even if we don’t see any of these issues, our fish are quarantined for 7 days, we take this time to ensure they are eating properly, their colors are accurate and their behavior is as it should be.

Sick fish are quarantined in their own systems and treated.

Only once we are confident the fish are ready and able, are they listed online for sale.

Our fish are kept in temperature-controlled climates, between 76-82 degrees Fahrenheit.  The fish are kept in aquariums equipped with sand and PVC for less stress.

Live Arrival Guarantee

At Salty Underground, we take pride in delivering you the best quality livestock there is.

So much so, that we offer the Live Arrival Guarantee for ALL our merchandise. This means if you have a product that arrives DOA (dead on arrival) we will refund your purchase. All you have to do is sent us an email, including your name, number, and a clear digital image of the damaged product. We will get in touch if we need anything further.  

All our livestock is shipped using UPS Next-Day Air, for fast and safe arrival.

If needed, packages are shipped with heating or cooling packs, depending on the time of year and final location. Any space is filled with packing peanuts to avoid stress on the livestock that can be incurred while shipping.

If you are local to the Saint Louis, Missouri area, or are in town, you are welcome to pick up in person at our store. We are located at 9248 Watson Road, St. Louis, MO 63126. Visit us by appointment Monday-Thursday between 8 am-4 pm. and at your convenience on Friday.

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We have increased our social media outreach to include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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