Salty Underground began nearly 20 years ago in a basement with a single fish tank full of Pom Pom Xenia. Since then, we have grown into two store fronts with over 30 tanks. Not only have we been in the berghia business longer than nearly anyone else, but most of our employees are in the hobby themselves. We aim both to help brand new owners starting up their first 50 gallon, and to supply the most hardcore enthusiasts with thousands of gallons of salt water in their home or business.

Our berghia systems are hand fed and maintained daily. All our berghia come from eggs bred in house, which allows us to guarantee the greatest quality. As an additional benefit, in house breeding allows us to keep our berghia prices consistently low! Aptasia be warned, there is not a more effective way to be rid of an infestation.

We only ship out corals that we would put in our personal tanks. Each is checked for pests and issues both when we receive them and before we send them out to our customers. Our corals are separated on arrival into their own "new arrivals" section, then monitored for pests and other problems over the next week before they are even listed online. Any sort of defect or coral that refuses to open is kept in a separate zone and given time to heal before being sold. Each coral is given time to completely recover after shipping to minimize any trauma during its next movement, including frags we make here in the shop. The vast majority of our corals are aquacultured and fragged in house.

Salty Underground coral tanks are kept under a variety of lighting conditions, including metal halides, T5 fluorescent lamps, and two LED clusters. The pictures we take are not excessively saturated, what we post online is as close as possible to what your coral will look like in your tank. Animals tagged with "WYSIWYG" (What You See Is What You Get) should look exactly the same in our tanks, online, and in your own system.

Coral, fish, and invertebrates for sale are all kept in separate aquarium systems. By keeping our animals apart, "hitchhikers" are less likely to come to your tank on your order. Our tanks, no matter what is in them, are always kept clean and stable with constant water changes and chemical level tests.

We guarantee live arrival for all of our products. Each order is carefully packed with either heating or cooling packs, dependent on the time of year and final destination, and any dead space is filled with packing peanuts to minimize any sort of stress your merchandise may receive during shipping. We use FedEx for all of our shipping, but you are welcome to stop by the shop to pick up an order as well!

A fun and gratifying side benefit to our business has been our educational activities, visiting schools and clubs to promote awareness and appreciation for the oceans and all of the life in them. Children in particular respond with enthusiasm when they can see and touch live animals from the sea. We understand that ocean life is important, and that no money saving or business opportunity will ever be worth the cost the environment has to pay for overfishing and severe depopulation of popular species.

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