Xenia Coral

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Aquacultured Pulsing Steel Blue Xenia Coral

Common names are pulsing coral and pom pom coral. This is one of my favorite corals due to it pulsing motion, variety of colors, and structures. It is fast growing coral that prefers bright light.

Plerogyra sinuosa Coral

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Also know as Bubble coral, Pearl coral, and Grape coral. This is one tuff LPS coral that can tolerate a variety of lighting and water conditions. It has a strong sting and should not be placed too close to other corals. It can also develop sweeper tentacles if place in strong current which will require more space to be provide around it.

Cladiella Coral

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Aquacultured Devils Armor Zoas Coral

Common names are Finger Leather, Cauliflower and Colt Coral. These are hardy corals that adapt well to the home aquarium. They thrive in moderate lighting and water movement conditions.

Zoanthus Coral

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Common names include are Zoanthid, Sea Mat, and Button Polyps. These coral colonies grow best under bright light and can tolerate a variety of water flow conditions. They are a staple in most reef aquariums and come in a variety of color combinations.

Anthelia Coral

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Common names are Waving Hand Coral and Glove coral. These corals have little defenses and will not harm other corals close by. They come in colors from pink to blue and add great motion to the reef aquarium.

Discosoma (Actinodiscus) Coral

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Orange Discosoma Mushroom Rock Coral

This corals common names include Mushroom corals and Disc Anemones.

Most varieties of this coral require little light and in fact may do poorly under bright lights. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and will not need to be fed.

Pachyclavularia Coral

Common names include are Star Polyps, Green Star Polyps, and Daisy Polyps.

These corals are tolerant of both low and bright lighting but will do best in bright light. They reproduce quickly and can tolerate low and high water flow. They do not need to be fed but can be seen taking in uneaten fish food which is caught by its polyps in the reef aquarium. This coral is also great for covering spots like over flows and the back aquarium wall.

Sarcophyton Coral

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Sarcophyton toadstool leather coral

Common names include: Toadstool, Toadstool Mushroom, Leather, Mushroom Leather and Trough Coral.

These hardy corals prefer low to moderate current and moderate to bright light.

Alcyonium Coral

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Large Bright Green Euphyllia Torch Coral Cluster (A)

Common names include Finger Leather coral, Colt coral, Encrusting Leather coral, and Seaman's Hand coral. These are hardy corals that will do well in most reef aquariums. These corals should be provided bright light and good water movement for the best growth. They get their nutrition from zooxanthelle contained inside of them and do not need to be fed. Although the can consume zooplankton, it is rare and is not needed.

Euphyllia Coral

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Common names for these corals are Frog Spawn coral, Anchor coral, Hammer coral, and Torch coral. These corals will thrive in bright light and prefer gentle water currents. Failure of polyps to expand can indicate poor water quality and actions will need to be taken. Sweeper tentacles can form if placed in strong water currents and should be avoided or space will need to be given to protect other corals.