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Here are the top 10 Salty picks for the best beginner Corals

Here at Salty Underground we want you to be informed on the best beginner coals. These picks are the best because they are hardy, and do not require a lot of attention to maintain. Beyond that they are beautiful, and can often be found for at a cheaper price!

Some corals like the torches and mushrooms require a little more care but don't let that scare you!

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Xenia Coral

Pulsing Blue Steel Xenia Coral

Aquacultured Pulsing Steel Blue Xenia Coral This coral is great for people that are just starting out. This is fast growing coral that likes bright light.

They are a moderately hardy coral that like high intensity light. Since they are fast growing you can propagate as early as a few months. This is of course if your corals has reached a large enough size.

Plerogyra sinuosa Coral

Bubble Coral

Also know as Bubble coral, Pearl coral, and Grape coral, are a great beginner coral because they are extremely hardy. They tolerate a wide verity of lighting and water conditions. Beware! This Bubble coral has a ferocious sting and should not be placed near other corals.

It also has the ability to develop sweeping tentacles if in an area with a strong current. And yes, those tentacles have the ability to sting as well. These guys will need lots of room!

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Cladiella Coral

Devils Armor Coral

Aquacultured Devils Armor Zoas Coral Common names are Finger Leather, Cauliflower and Colt Coral. These are a very hardy coral.

They are also easy to grow and propagate. They are extremely popular among reefers as they come in a verity of colors. They thrive in moderate lighting and need moderate flow.

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Zoanthis Coral

Pink Zipper Zoanthis Coral

Common names include are Zoanthid, Sea Mat, and Button Polyps. A great thing about Zoanthids are that you can purchase them in colonies, they are easy to grow and frag as well! They are often very bright colors so they do best under bright light.

They are hardy and have a high tolerance for varying water conditions. They are a staple in every reef tank for these reasons.

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Anthelia Coral

Add some movement to your tank? Anthelia are a great choice. Common names are Waving Hand Coral and Glove coral. Anthelia have little defenses and will not harm other corals.

So they have the added benefit of not requiring a lot of space. They come in lots of different colors and live to sway in the water.

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Discosoma Coral

Orange Mushroom Coral

Orange Discosoma Mushroom Rock Coral This corals common names include Mushroom corals and Disc Anemones. These corals require low lighting, in fact they do poorly in bright lighting.

They come in lots of different colors including red, orange, green, blue, purple, and some metallics. Their size ranges from small (less than an inch) to extra large (5+ inches). They make a great addition to any reef tank that will cater to their lighting needs.

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Pachyclavularia Coral

Common names include are Star Polyps, Green Star Polyps, and Daisy Polyps. These guys thrive in BOTH low and bright lighting, so they are extremely hardy. They do best however, in bright lighting. They reproduce quickly and can tolerate both low and high water flow.

They do not require feeding but will take the opportunity to consume uneaten food caught in their coral polyps. Since they grow fast they are often used to cover spots in the aquarium. For example, overflows and back aquarium walls.

Sarcophyton Coral

Toadstool Coral

Sarcophyton toadstool leather coral Common names include: Toadstool, Toadstool Mushroom, Leather, Mushroom Leather and Trough Coral. These are a very hardy type of coral, and they require low to moderate flow, and moderate to bright lighting.

They come in a veriety of colors, most commonly, cream to light brown, however they can also be seen a pinking, or yellow, or green.

Alcyonium Coral

Glowing Torch Cluster

Large Bright Green Euphyllia Torch Coral Cluster (A) Common names include Finger Leather coral, Colt coral, Encrusting Leather coral, and Seaman's Hand coral.

These are a hardy coral, great for beginners. Often you will see this type of coral in reef aquarium. Euphyllia corals require bright light and good water movement for the best outcome.

They get their nutrition from zooxanthelle contained inside of them and do not need to be fed. Although they can consume Zooplankton it is rear and not needed.

Euphyllia Coral

Euphyllia Coral

Common names for these corals are Frog Spawn coral, Anchor coral, Hammer coral, and Torch coral. These corals do great in bright light, but prefer gentle flow.

A good indication of coral health is if the polyps don't expand it ca be an indicator of poor water quality. Sweeper tentacles can form if placed in strong water currents and should be avoided or space will need to be given to protect other corals.

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