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Salty Underground has one of the largest selections of unique saltwater livestock for sale. We also have an ever-increasing variety of Marine fish! These saltwater fish are some of the healthiest marine fish for sale online.   

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Looking for something else besides Live Corals and Saltwater fish? We have other saltwater livestock such as clean-up crews, Sea Anemones, macro algae and plants to complete your saltwater aquarium eco-system.  

Are you unsure and need more information on Reef Keeping Aquarium Care? Check out the information in our article section. Some of the subjects covered explore Marine Pests and problems, the care and general information on live aquarium corals, Saltwater Fish and more!

                             If Aiptasia Anemones are a problem, Salty Underground has                               Berghia Nudibranchs for AIPTASIA CONTROL!

The Berghia Nudibranch eats only one thing in a saltwater aquarium: the invasive Aiptasia anemone. Since they eat only Aiptasia Anemones, Berghia Nudibranchs are guaranteed 100% reef safe and will never harm anything in your aquarium! You can learn more about the Berghia Nudibranch from our Berghia Q&A or Berghia Information page. If you're not sure what an Aiptasia Anemone looks like or have heard of other methods of Aiptasia anemone control, you can find out more under the Aiptasia Information page.  

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