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  • Single Berghia Eating 2 Final Salty.jpg

0.5 Inch High Flow Berghia Nudibranch 25 Berghia


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Our egg laying adult Berghia are one half of an inch or larger at the time they are packed. The bigger berghia are a great fit for tanks with a lot of water movement, and can hold on to rocks in high flow areas much better than the smaller Berghia.

Tracking information will be e-mailed the day the order ships. Paper acclimation instructions are included in the order.

All Orders: FREE Box and Berghia transfer pipette. Guaranteed for live arrival.

Please note that the credit card charges are applied when your order is placed.

Canadian customers please read the Canada Ordering/Shipping page.

This video shows our Berghia eating an Aiptasia sp. anemone and was taken by a customer in his own tank.

If you are unsure of your infestation level please e-mail us using the Contact Us form. Include the size of your tank and an estimate of how many aiptasia you think you have and we will respond with a estimate of how many berghia you need.