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Common Stonefish (Synanceia Verrocosa)
  • Common Stonefish (Synanceia Verrocosa)
  • Common Stonefish (Synanceia Verrocosa)
  • Common Stonefish (Synanceia Verrocosa)

Common Stonefish (Synanceia Verrocosa)

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Venomous Spines


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The Common Stonefish is found in muddy and rocky areas in the Indo-Pacific region. These fish like to lay in wait for their prey utilizing their incredibly effective camouflage. Sometimes slightly burrowing in the sand they use their large mouth to create a vacuum, pulling in the prey. 

The dorsal spines used for defense are highly venomous, causing great pain if injected. There are two venomous glands for each of the thirteen spines that inject in direct proportion to the pressure applied to the spines. Immediate medical attention will be needed should this occur for an anti-venom. 

 It would be best kept with larger fish. Their diet consists of live feeder fish, shrimps, and will take frozen meaty foods like cockle, squid, clam, and krill.

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  • Care Level
  • Tank Requirements
    50 gal minimum
  • Reef Safe
  • Temperament
  • Diet
  • Current Size
    Approx. 2.5-3 inch
  • Full-Size
    Approx. 12 inches
  • Water Parameters
    NO3 0ppm, 72-78F, pH 8.0-8.3
  • Compatibility
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