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Clown Triggerfish Balistoides conspicillum
  • Clown Triggerfish Balistoides conspicillum

Clown Triggerfish Balistoides conspicillum

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The Clown Triggerfish change color as they grow from juvenile to mostly yellow and black to adult color of black and white with small spots of yellow. They are an aggressive fish and one of the most aggressive of the triggerfish. The Clownfish Trigger will require an aquarium of at least 200 gallons with plenty of swimming room. This Clown Trigger can reach up 8 inches in length. Tank mates will need to be aggressive and large fish as they will get bullied or even eaten. Just like most triggers the rockwork in the tank can be affected by the trigger as they rearrange the rock work. They are not considered reef safe as they will eat invert and small fish and crustaceans. Their diet will consist of meaty foods such as mysis,brines, scallops, krill,squid, and clams to help keep their teeth filed down.

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