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Bottle of cloudy liquid containing baby brine shrimp
  • Bottle of cloudy liquid containing baby brine shrimp
  • Bottle of cloudy liquid containing baby brine shrimp held up to bright light to emphasis the large number of brine shrimp.

Baby Brine Shrimp 8oz

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Salty Underground baby brine shrimp are hatched to order and shipped in a phytoplankton and vitamin mix to ensure they reach you at the optimal nutrition level for feeding. Baby brine are a great source of amino and omega fatty acids, fats, and proteins and can be enriched with additional vitamins and nutrients before feeding.

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Baby brine shrimp (also called nauplii) are an ideal food for baby fish of all kinds. The natural jerky movements of baby brine shrimp encourage hunting behavior and interest in young fish while still being easy to catch. They can be easily digested and can survive for hours in freshwater tanks and indefinitely in saltwater tanks, providing a constant food source without affecting water quality. Brine nauplii are most nutritious right after they hatch, before the egg yolk is absorbed and their digestive system finishes forming. After 24 - 48 hours, the nauplii develop stomachs and can be enriched before feeding to fish.


To store your baby brine shrimp, pour the bottle into a wide mouthed container and place in the refrigerator. A wide mouthed container will allow for better gas exchange and prevent the nauplii from using all of the oxygen in their container. They should last approximately two weeks when placed in the refrigerator on delivery. Cold temperatures will slow their metabolisms and retain the egg yolk sac for a longer period but after 2-3 days it is recommended to further enrich them before feeding to ensure your fish are getting proper nutrition.


To use your brine shrimp nauplii, bring to room temperature and use a pipette to target feed or directly pour the brine shrimp into your tank. It is recommended that you turn off any skimmers and pumps to prevent the baby brine from being sucked away from your fish. It also may help to turn out the lights before feeding. Brine shrimp are photosensitive and will swim towards any bright light source. Try to feed enough brine that there are little to none remaining in the tank after 30 minutes. This allows your fish to eat as much as they like without crowding your tank.

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