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  • View Up Close Under White Light Cat's Paw (Stylophora spp.) Frag

Cat's Paw (Stylophora spp.) Frag


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These Cat's Paw Corals are very popular as an SPS (Small Stony Polyp), they come attached to plugs. They are not exactly for beginners as the parameters have to be right to thrive. Stylophora's have a very unique feature of branches growing anyway they want making very interesting shapes as they intertwine.  They require medium flow and medium lighting.

  • Care Level
  • Tank Requirements
     20 gallon minimum
  • Temperament
  • Diet
  • Current Size
    Approx 0.5 - 1 Inch
  • Full-Size
    Approx 6 inches
  • Water Parameters
    NO3 0ppm, 74-80F, PH 8.1-8.4
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