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scallop grouping
  • Flame Under White Light
  • Bright Red Flame Scallop (Ctenoides scaber) 2
  • Flame Under White Light
  • scallop grouping

Bright Red Flame Scallop (Ctenoides scaber)

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Flame scallops are fun additions to reef aquarium. They are bright red filter feeders that should be kept in an established, stable aquarium. They are a moderately challenging tank addition and do not bother other tank inhabitants.

This scallop is guaranteed for live arrival only.

  • Care Level
  • Tank Requirements
    5 gal minimum
  • Reef Safe
  • Temperament
  • Diet
    Filter Feeders
  • Current Size
    Approx. 2 inches
  • Full-Size
    Approx. 5 inches
  • Water Parameters
    0ppm, 72-78F, pH 8.0-8.3
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