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Niger Trigger fish (Odonus niger)
  • Niger Trigger fish (Odonus niger)

Niger Triggerfish (Odonus niger)

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The Niger triggerfish, is among the most kept triggers in the home aquarium. It should be housed in a large tank with other aggressive fish. They can reach up to 12 inches and will require an aquarium of at least 150 gallons with plenty of swim room as well as rock work so they can have a place to hide and sleep. Make sure your rock structure is solid as they can move and shift rocks that can cause them and other livestock harm. Their diet consists of meaty foods and may take high quality flake and pellets. It is very important to give them shelled food every once in awhile to help keep their teeth filed down. They are not considered reef safe as they may eat snails, hermits, and other crustaceans.

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  • Care Level
  • Tank Requirements
    150 gal minimum
  • Reef Safe
    With caution
  • Temperament
  • Diet
  • Current Size
    Approx. 4 inches
  • Full-Size
    Approx. 12 inches
  • Water Parameters
    NO3 0ppm, 72-78F, pH 8.1-8.4
  • Compatibility
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