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Algae Eating Ruby Red Crab Mithraculus forceps

Some Eat Bubble Algae
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The ruby red crabs are general algae eaters and a good scavenger for any reef tank. They look the same as an emerald crab with the difference being their red cor. They have been noted to eat various algae in the reef tank like hair algae, macro algae and even bubble algae. They are primarily herbivores but since they are also scavengers they will even eat uneaten fish food.

The ruby red crab is easily recognized by it&39,s red heavily sculpted body. The intensity of the red color varies from crab to crab and season to season.

Natural Environment: This ruby red crab was collected in the Florida Keys.

Hardiness: Very hardy

Scientific Name: Mithraculus forceps

Family: Crustaceans

Temperature: 75-82&deg,F

Common Names: Emerald Crab, Mithrax Crab

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