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Purple Queen Anthias (Pseudanthias tuka)
  • Purple Queen Anthias (Pseudanthias tuka)

Purple Queen Anthias (Pseudanthias tuka)




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Purple Queen Anthias are also known as Yellow Striped Fairy Basslet in some countries. These are all born females and one will eventually turn male. These fish are reef safe and are of a peaceful nature and would do best in a non-aggressive aquarium.  The Purple Queen Anthias can reach up to 6 inches. An aquarium of at least 70 gallons will be needed with plenty of swimming room. Due to the Anthias being active swimmers they have a high metabolism and require being fed 3-4 times a day. 

  • Care Level
  • Tank Requirements
    70 gal minimum
  • Reef Safe
  • Temperament
  • Diet
  • Current Size
    Approximately 2 inches
  • Full-Size
    Approximately 6 inches
  • Water Parameters
    NO3 0ppm, 72-78F, pH 8.1-8.4
  • Compatibility
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