Huma Huma Triggerfish (Rhinecanthus aculeatus)
  • Huma Huma Triggerfish (Rhinecanthus aculeatus)

Huma Huma Triggerfish (Rhinecanthus aculeatus)


2-3 inches in length.

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The Huma Huma Trigger fish will need a tank of at least 125 gallons. They can grow up to 12 inches. They need plenty of space for swimming. They are known to knock down rocks and corals so make sure they are secure. Triggers should be kept with bigger fish as smaller fish can be eaten along with small inverts. The Trigger diet will include small inverts and shrimp, marine algae, frozen and meaty foods. Twice a day feeding will be required.

This fish is guaranteed for live arrival.

  • Care Level
  • Tank Requirements
    125 gal minimum
  • Reef Safe
  • Temperament
  • Diet
  • Current Size
    Approx 2.5 Inches
  • Full-Size
    Approx 12 inches
  • Water Parameters
    NO3 0ppm, 72-78F, pH 8.0-8.3
  • Compatibility
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