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Banggai Cardinal Pterapogon kauderni

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Banggai Cardinal, a.k.a. Kaudern&rsquo,s Cardinal, has become one of the most popular marine aquarium species. These gorgeous silver and black Cardinalfish are found in remote islands of Indonesia and are known to hide within the spines of long-spine sea urchins. Although the Banggai Cardinal has been introduced into new areas outside of its native range, some experts believe that it is risk of becoming endangered due to overcollecting.

This species is known to be a mouthbrooder. The male holds the fertilized eggs in his mouth until full development, and releases them as juveniles. Banggai Cardinals have a spawn size of anywhere from 12 to 50 fry, which develop in the male&rsquo,s mouth for 20-24 days. They will spawn every 30 days and it is not uncommon to observe this in home aquaria. The juveniles emerge ready to take newly hatched brine shrimp. For these reasons, this is a species many home aquarists have bred and reared.

These captive bred cardinals are approx. over 1 inch. Since it is captive bred they will eat a variety of frozen and dried foods.

They are guaranteed for live arrival.

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