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Lettuce Nudibranchs (Elysia crispata)
  • Lettuce Nudibranchs (Elysia crispata)
  • Lettuce Nudibranchs (Elysia crispata)

Lettuce Nudibranchs (Elysia crispata)

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The Lettuce Sea Slug is an unusual and entertaining addition to the reef aquarium. It has highly folded parapodia (side appendages), which give it a ruffled appearance similar to lettuce. The Lettuce Sea Slug is captivating not only for its interesting shape but also for its purposeful and comical manner in which it creeps along your reef aquarium. The coloration of the Lettuce Sea Slug generally ranges from green, yellow, or brown.

The Lettuce Sea Slug may also be referred to as the Lettuce Nudibranch, or Green Lettuce Nudibranch, although it is not a true nudibranch. The Lettuce Sea Slug will do well in established aquarium systems, if provided ample room to forage. It prefers an aquarium with live rock so that it can graze on algae.

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