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Large Bowerbanki Coral - Tank N2



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This Australian Bowerbanki is loaded with color and is over 4 inches in diameter.

In the reef aquarium, Acanthastrea Coral are tolerant of diverse conditions and can thrive in strong or subdued lighting and water flow. Their coloration variation can be controlled by lighting and water flow.

Acanthastrea Coral will readily accept feedings of minced meaty foods such as shrimp, mysis and squid. Regular feeding of these corals is not required but it will definitely help it&39,s growth. Higher levels of magnesium may also help in their growth (1250-1350ppm).

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Easy

Temperament: semi-aggressive

Lighting: Low

Waterflow: Low-Moderate

Scientific name: Acanthastrea lordhowensis

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