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Red Acan Lord N3-3-1E
  • Red Acan Lord N3-3-1E
  • Red Acan Lord N3-3-1E

Red Acan Lord N3-3-1E

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Acan Corals come in a wide range of colors. From purple, red, green, blue, orange, brown, rust, pale tan, and pale grey


The general lighting for Acan coral should be moderate to bright light.


The current for a Acan corals should be a moderate flow. 


Acan Coral is considered photosynthetic, meaning part of their diet comes from zooxanthellae that live in their tissue. 

However, Acan corals are carnivorous. They can catch their food with polyps. Once opened, we suggest taking a pipe it, and squirting the solution on top of the coral. Most meaty foods like krill, mysis, and brine shrimp will work.


Acan corals are of moderate difficulty as they are semi-aggressive towards other corals. 

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