Neon Green Leptoseris N2-1-7A
  • Neon Green Leptoseris N2-1-7A

Neon Green Leptoseris N2-1-7A



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This stunning shaggy Leptoseris, or wrinkle coral is a beautiful coral. This piece is approximately 1 inch and growing on a frag plug. This coral glows under LED lighting.

Leptoseris corals are an interesting yet less talked about stony coral. It is also know as the wrinkle coral. Although it relies heavily on its zooxanthellae for nutrition, this coral may be fed occasionally with very fine marine-based foods, such as oyster eggs.

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Moderate

Temperament: semi-aggressive

Lighting: Medium

Waterflow: Moderate to High

Scientific Name: Leptoseris sp.

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