Saltwater Fish for sale

Saltwater fish are some of the best pets you could have in your aquarium, some perch on live rock, while others occupy the open water for all to enjoy! 

Here at Salty Underground, we have an ever-changing list of Saltwater Fish, so make sure to check back regularly.

We do not dropship our fish from wholesalers nor do we pass them on to you, our customer, immediately after arrival. Our saltwater fish are inspected for disease, color, injuries, and behavior upon arrival. Afterward, they are acclimated and placed in a recovery system or to quarantine tanks depending on need.

If marine life is in need of help, it is quarantined and treated with medication and proper dosage in accordance with its symptoms. Saltwater fish that are not eating but otherwise healthy are placed in their own aquarium and fed frequently with different kinds of foods until they are eating regularly.

We quarantine all of our saltwater fish for at least 7 days and if not showing any disease and eating properly we move them to a long-term holding system and listed for sale.

More about saltwater fish here

Saltwater fish for sale: Marine fish for saltwater aquariums online


  • Anthias Fish

    Anthias are a colorful active fish and a good addition to the home aquarium. They can be kept in a group of females and one male. The males will fight if there is more than one male in an aquarium. If all females are purchased, it is not unheard of that one female will ungo a change, become male. They do best if fed more than once a day. They are reef safe and are not aggressive to other aquarium inhabitants.

  • Angelfish

    Most Angelfish are a popular, colorful marine fish. Being a live saltwater animal, they have their own personality and temperament. One may be reef safe and mild mannered while another of the same kind can pick on coral and even another be a bully.

  • Aqua-cultured Marine Fish

    Salty Underground features a selection of captive bred and captive raised saltwater fish. Captive bred fish are not only the choice of the environmentally aware aquarist but for any aquarist wanting to improve their success and enjoyment in keeping a marine aquarium. Capitve bred fish are usually hardier than their wild collected counterparts and also accept prepared aquarium foods readily.

  • Beginner Marine fish

    Saltwater fish in this category are hardy and easy to keep. Perfect for those new to the saltwater hobby.

  • Blennies

    Blennies are a smaller saltwater fish that can have a cute little personality. They are usually easy to keep and will maintain a small territory that they call home. They are not normally open water swimmers except when going after food. They are considered reef safe, but may perch on corals.

  • Cardinal Fish

    The Cardinalfish are a peaceful aquarium fish that will school and not bother inhabitants. They are easy to keep and open water swimmers. They make a great beginner marine fish that will not out grow the aquarium. Find out more here.

  • Chromis
    Chromis are a damselfish that are less aggressive than most other damselfish. They are also a schooling fish which have a nice visual impact when kept in groups. Chromis are reefsafe and will not bully or harm other species of marine fish, invertebrates, and coral.
  • Clownfish

    Clownfish are a small to medium size damsel fish that are both colorful and very hardy. As Damselfish they can be territorial and aggressive, especially in a smaller saltwater aquarium. Given sufficient space they do not pose a problem to the other inhabitants and are reef safe.

  • Damselfish

    Most Damselfish are a smaller fairly hardy saltwater fish. They make an excellent beginner marine fish because they are so hardy. Some in this species can be aggressive towards other tank mates especially if kept in a smaller reef aquariums.

  • Gobies

    Gobies are a smaller saltwater aquarium fish that are not aggressive to other marine inhabitants. They will stay small and are not normally hard to keep. They can be kept in groups which will increase the activity in your aquarium.

  • Jaw Fish

    Jawfish are a bottom dwelling Goby fish that like to burrow under live rock and sand. They are reef safe and peaceful marine fish that will not harm other aquarium inhabitants.

  • Miscellaneous Marine Fish

    Unique saltwater fish!

  • Nano fish

    Saltwater fish in this category are suitable for the small saltwater nanotanks or aquariums.

  • Tangs & Surgeons

    Tangs are one of the most sought after saltwater aquarium fish in the hobby. There are many different varieties of tangs and temperaments. They can be kept in a reef aquarium or fish only tank. Some tangs can become quite large and should be housed in larger aquariums. Tangs can be aggressive to other tangs and should be placed in the aquarium in order of their temperament, being least aggressive first to the most aggressive last.

  • Triggers

    Triggers are a fish that should be kept with caution. They can be aggressive to other marine inhabitants and are usually not considered reef safe. Like other marine fish they have their own personality and if kept well fed and in larger aquariums have been know to be fine with other fish and not to damage coral.

  • Wrasse

    Wrasses are a colorful medium size fish that are not normally aggressive to other saltwater inhabitants. With that being said some wrasses can be aggressive to other like wrasses. Care should also be taken when picking a wrasse. Some wrasses like to bury and should be kept in an aquarium with a deep enough sand bed to accommodate this.

  • Eels

    Eels are a very fascinating marine animal which can be kept in the home aquarium. Eels normally do not come out during the day but will pick a home in the live rock where you will just see the head. They will require meaty foods and a larger size aquarium with a lid to keep them from escaping.

  • Butterflyfish

    The group of marine fish, Butterfly, can have up to 130 species.  They live around the tropical reefs and are concentrated in the Indo-Pacific region.  Butterfly fish spend their days pecking at coral and live rock eating worms, small invertebrates and some coral polyps.

  • Pipefish
    The Pipefish are a subfamily of small fishes, which include Seahorse and Seadragons.
  • Waspfish

    The Waspfish are native to the Indian Ocean and the West Pacific. They are closely related to the Scorpionfishes. Waspfishe are often venomous; having poison glands on their spines.

  • Dottyback

    Dottybacks are small saltwater fish of over 100 species. The Dottyback is hardy, intelligent and usually brightly colored. It is a popular choice among aquarists. Most species will not be longer than 4 inches in length at maturity. They also adjust well to life in an aquarium.

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