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Did their job and then some!

Hi, Wanted to give you an update that I still see the berghias every once in a while in my tank and they are so amazing. They really did their job and then some. I could not believe that in a few w ...

~ By Jess

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Aquarium Maintenance Services


Have Your Dream Aquarium!

Contact us about your aquarium maintenance or aquarium installation. Call for an evaluation!  There is no obligation.

Salty Underground Aquarium Care Services is located at 9264 Watson Rd. Crestwood MO and covers the Greater St. Louis MO and Illinois Regions

For More Information or to Schedule a visit call

Cynthia Polt 


or E-mail


Saltwater and Freshwater Aquarium Maintenance Services

Bring Nature’s Balance to Your Home or Business

Owning an aquarium is rewarding and relaxing, but it can be a challenge to replicate nature’s delicate balance in an aquarium. Salty Underground will help keep your showpiece as close as possible to the natural conditions that exist in an exotic coral reef, tropical river, or freshwater lake through our complete saltwater and freshwater aquarium service. The insured, reliable, and professional team at Salty Underground will service your aquarium as if it is our own.

Call Salty Underground for a free aquarium evaluation.   400 Gallon Reef in a Professional Office

Aquarium Maintenance 

Whether you are looking for occasional aquarium maintenance or a scheduled plan, we can help. A typical aquarium maintenance service includes a aquarium cleaning, water testing, water changes, livestock, and equipment checks. We will e-mail or leave an aquarium quality check sheet of your water parameters and any suggestions or concerns to you after every visit.

Early morning freshwater aquarium maintenance large aquarium maintenance Aquarium service with a Lionfish watching

Trouble Shooting 

If your aquarium is not meeting your expectations, we can evaluate your aquarium design and equipment. We will provide recommendations on how to trouble shoot problems and prevent new ones before they start. We look for the simple solutions, not expensive suggestions.

Aquarium Installation

Salty Underground can also install a standard aquarium or can perform a custom aquarium design and install  to match your vision. 

Custom basement aquarium installation 90 Gallon Reef in a Dentist Office Cynthia Polt installing a 240 gallon freshwater aquarium  

Vacation and Emergency Service

Do you need a trusted aquarium service while you are away on vacation? We can do daily visits or just check in on your aquarium once or twice – what ever you prefer.

We also provide a 24/7/365 emergency service. We're easy to reach and will respond quickly.

Ready to service your needs

Livestock and Equipment Discounts

We have hundreds of gallons of livestock holding tanks containing fish and corals for sale on our website. All of the items for sale on our website are available to you with free delivery and at a discounted price. This includes an ever expanding selection of captive bred and aquacultured livestock.

Salty Underground maintenance customers are invited to tour the shop to pick from our coral systems to stock their aquarium.  We also have access to almost any living creature or dry good you need without the limitations of what just one store has to offer. In most cases our prices are comparable to internet pricing and sometimes even less.

Aquacultured SPS Corals for SaleCaptive Bred Clownfish and Anemone

Sharing Knowledge and Passion

If you share our passion for the wonders of our underwater world, we will design a hands-on presentation for your school classroom or club. Children in particular respond, learn and remember more when they are able to touch and observe living creatures. Contact us for more information if you would like us to create a presentation for your group.

Show and Tell at Rossman SchoolHolding an Urchin is Fun!Look it's a crab!

Call or e-mail us about your aquarium maintenance service needs and get a free aquarium evaluation. There is no obligation!

Phone: 314-750-5059


Shrimp Cleaning an AnthiasFreshwater Angel FishFreshwater African Ciclid

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