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Red Acan Lord Coral - Grab Bag Special
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Thank you! All five berghia are alive and well, temperature was spot on :) All of my students have already fallen in love with them, Thanks again!

~ By Roger P.

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Saltwater Coral

Live Corals

We at Salty Underground do our best to bring you quality live corals. At Salty Underground we have many lps, soft corals, and some very colorful healthy sps corals to choose from. We also have Aquacultured corals which are more often hardier and more successful in the captive reef aquariums and make no impact on our natural reef systems around the world. On a budget? Check out Salty’s Frugal Frags for some great deals. Free shipping in the U.S. with orders of $300 or more. What to find out more about the corals your looking at, check out our articles under Corals and Coral Care.

Many of our corals say WYSIWYG. This stands for "what you see is what you get." If you purchase one of these corals you will receive the actual coral in the photo. For those corals that do not say WYSIWYG the photos are representative of the species, size and color of the coral you will receive. In most case the corals in the photo and the coral you receive are from the same mother colony. Read the item description for the size of the coral.

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