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The berghia came about 2 hours ago and I ran home at lunch to float the bag until I can start acclimating. Funny little fellows they are I must say. Thanks again for everything - they were moving ...

~ By Lane

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Welcome to Salty Underground

Salty Underground

Your source for hungry Aiptasia Anemone eating Berghia Nudibranchs, Saltwater fish, and Live Corals for sale.

Berghia nudibranchs eat only one thing: the dreaded aiptasia anemone. That's all Berghia eat... nothing but aiptasia... not majanos or any thing else and they are completely reef safe! You can learn more about the Berghia nudibranch from our Berghia Q&A or Berghia Information page. If your not sure what an Aiptasia anemone looks like or have heard of other methods of Aiptasia anemone control you can find out more under the Aiptasia Information page or see what an Aiptasia anemone looks like here.

While you're at our online store don't forget to check out our other products. We make every effort to bring you quality saltwater livestock such as our aquacultured Coral, Macro Algae, Invertebrates, and Marine fish.

We also offer an Aquarium Maintenance Service for aquarist in the greater St. Louis Missouri region.

Why buy your Berghia Nudibranchs, Corals, and other livestock from Salty Underground?

  • Guaranteed live arrival on overnight shipments

  • 99.9% live arrival success

  • Premium aquacultured Berghia Nudibranch grown on premises

  • Competitive shipping rates!

  • FREE Box and Berghia Nudibranch transfer pipette

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  • 15 years of experience with Berghia Nudibranch & a proven track record

  • BerghiaBerghia Nudibranchs Eating
    Berghia nudibranchs frequently form a "dog pile" around larger Aiptasia when they eat.
  • BerghiaBerghia nudibranch stare down
    This Berghia Nudibranch appears to be looking at the camera. But it is actually trolling for an Aiptasia anemone to eat.
  • BerghiaThe eye of the Berghia
    You can actually see the tiny black eyes of this Berghia nudibranch. The Berghia only has eyes for Aiptasia anemones.
  • BerghiaBerghia nudibranchs are reef safe
    Berghia nudibranchs eat only aiptasia anemones and they are completely reef safe.
  • BerghiaBig & Small Berghia Eating Aiptasia
    Berghia nudibranchs will sometimes gang up on an aiptasia anemone to eat it. Pictured are 1/8" to 1/2" Berghia.
  • BerghiaBerghia Nudibranch laying eggs
    Berghia Nudibranchs can lay hundreds of eggs in one egg ribbon.
  • BerghiaTwo Berghia nudibranchs mating
    Two Berghia Nudibranchs connect at the neck to fertilize each other. Then both will crawl away and lay eggs ribbons.
  • BerghiaSingle Berghia Eating
  • Berghia1/4" Berghia eating an aiptasia
    This 1/4" Berghia Nudibranch is eating a good sized aiptasia anemone. The Berghia can consume the entire anemone in an hour.
  • BerghiaTiny Berghia Nudibranchs
    These tiny Berghia nudibranchs are a minature versions of the larger Berghia sold on Salty Underground.
  • BerghiaA fascinating look under a Berghia
    You can almost see inside this Berghia nudibranch from the bottom side.
  • BerghiaBerghia nudibranch egg ribbon
    Two Berghia nudibranchs mate and both lay egg ribbons containing hundreds of eggs.
  • BerghiaBerghia nudibranch larva
    Berghia nudibranchs go through a short larval stage after they hatch.
  • BerghiaTwo Berghia Nudibranchs
    Berghia nudibranchs are captivating creatures. These two Berghia can consume a large aiptasia anemone in an hour.
  • BerghiaA 1/4" Berghia by a 1/2" Berghia
    This photo illustrates the difference between a 1/4" and a 1/2" Berghia Nudibranch.
  • BerghiaBerghia the Natural Solution
    Berghia nudibranchs are the Natural solution for Aiptasia anemones. They eat Aiptasia and nothing else.
  • BerghiaBerghia devouring an aiptasia
    These Berghia nudibranchs have overpowered an Aiptasia anemone as they consume it from the bottom up.
  • BerghiaBerghia devouring an aiptasia
    These Berghia nudibranchs have overpowered an Aiptasia anemone as they consume it from the bottom up.

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