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Feedback on How My Berghia Have Worked Out

I can't believe it, but I can't see any aiptasia in my tank. 3 months ago they were everywhere, now I can't even find one. These nudi's are heaven sent, thank you very, very much saltyunderground. The ...

~ By Canesfan

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Great place

I just finished my first order with Salty's and I'm way more than pleased. I was looking for a place that I got a lot of bang for my buck, but not at the cost of not having really good quality livestock. This was a home run. If you're a coral addict like I am, you will be very pleased and everything I've gotten has acclimated very well to my 134 gallon display tank. The green apple LPS I got was phenomanal and I've seen people pay nearly double what I paid.

I highly recommend the green candy cane LPS from Salty's. It's a great coral and has a lot of pop in the color. I own two giant clams from Salty's and both are doing great and are very healthy creatures. Other recommendations are the Sun coral, Duncan Cluster, Acan's, and Zoa's. That said, I don't think you can go wrong with much here.

Communication is excellent. I was extremely happy with the results. Love my Snowflake Clown from Salty's.

Testimonial by: Andy Ruffner of Fairfax, VA
Date added: 10/10/2013

New Client First Order

Great Quality Red Rock Worm and Sympodium Rock! I'm so pleased with my purchase and will order again soon. Thank You. Shawn.

Testimonial by: Shawn Hayhurst of Jacksonville florida
Date added: 10/04/2013


Just wanted to let you know I received my order today and everything looks great! The WYSIWYG mushroom rock is gorgeous! Thanks for the prompt service. I will come again for sure!

Testimonial by: Laura C of Meriden, CT
Date added: 09/06/2013

just arrived

Packaged arrived at 9 a.m. today. I was impressed in the quality packaging. All 5 Berghia looked great (bigger than I thought they would be) and after 2 hours of acclimation they are settled in my 5 gallon SPS tank. Hopefully all my fuzzy sticks will be fuzzy again after the Berghia do there job. (I have 12 SPS frags and close to 30 Aiptasia :( ).Thanks for your quick turnaround and excellent packaging.

Testimonial by: Bradley Trovillion of Chicago
Date added: 08/30/2013

AA+ service

Im a new customer and the help was 100% better then any other I have had from a web based coral store!!
Everything arrived alive and looking better then the photos! I have never had that happen. All my questions were answered and there were no issues at all!!
It was nice to get good service and a great product online!!

Thank you Lisa!

Patrick McGarry

Testimonial by: Patrick McGarry of memphis
Date added: 08/30/2013

update on last order

Berghia doing their job as you described. Clam and corals doing well except for the Blue Green Sympodium Cora it did not make it

Testimonial by: john tsolis of ohio
Date added: 07/30/2013


Just wanted to send you a quick Thank You for your great service. Berghia's arrived well and are now busy in my tank with lots to eat. I saw them last night munching on their favorite food.

Testimonial by: Mike B. of Oakland CA
Date added: 07/16/2013

Three Months Ago...

I purchased berghia from you three months ago due to a SEVERE aptasia infestation. The representative told me that i should expect to see results in 2-3 months. After i acclimated my berghia, I never saw them again. Two months went by, and i became discouraged, as i saw no change in my aptasia population. SUDDENLY, I began seeing one or two berghia here and there in the evening hours, and they were two to three times the size that i bought them. THEN, I noticed my aptasia population was slowly reducing!!!!! Now, one month later, (exactly three months from when i purchased the berghia----JUST LIKE YOU SAID), I have almost no aptasia left!!!!! I see maybe two or three here and there. YOU GUYS (and the BERGHIA of course) are my heroes!!! You really saved my aquarium from certain destruction. Before introducing my berghia, i was purchasing AIPTASIA X EVERY TWO WEEKS. I'M SO GRATEFUL !!!! KUDOS TO YOU ALL!!!and many THANX!!!

Testimonial by: Ed F. of New Jersey
Date added: 07/07/2013

great experience

I have used saltyunderground a couple of times now. This is a great company to deal with. They have the best response time of any company that I have ever dealt with. All of my emails were answered within minutes. All of my corals arrived in beautiful, top notch condition. I am very pleased with my transactions with this company. I refer everyone to saltyunderground. Thank you for such a pleasurable experience.

Testimonial by: CRAIG VAUGHN of kentucky
Date added: 06/10/2013

Good Livestock

Everything arrived ok today. The nudis spawned twice in transit; you guys supply some good livestock. They acclimated ok and i saw one eating already. Thanks a million.

Testimonial by: Brad M. of Cali
Date added: 06/05/2013

Tank Clean Up

I have to admit that I was skeptical about our purchase of 15 nudibranches after 2 months went by without any sign of them. But around the 8 week mark we started seeing them and their handiwork.

Now two reasonable sized areas of the tank are clear of aiptasia, and we can easily see the nudi's at work without trying very hard. We've also spotted 3 different sets of eggs, in their circular pattern. So they seem to be thriving and slowly but surely cleaning up our tank.

Testimonial by: Allen C.
Date added: 05/22/2013


I just wanted let you know how happy we are with our new clam. It arrived well packaged and in great condition. After its acclimation period and we put it in the tank, it opened up immediately and looks to be happy in its new home. I will be using Salty Underground for my future online purchases of livestock. Thank you again for your fantastic service.

Testimonial by: Joe and Tina of USA
Date added: 05/22/2013

They WORK!!!

With the help of Lisa I now have these little guys in the tank. They were out the second nigh doing what they do best! I have even seen them out during the day! My tank was infested and I tried everything on the market. Could have saved myself a lot on money by coming here first! Now I watch and the aptasia disappear over night. Customer service is the best I have received from anyone! Lisa thank you for all your help!

Testimonial by: Jerry Clemo of Lancaster Pa
Date added: 05/20/2013
They WORK!!!
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Very pleased

I purchased one of the rainbow chalice and a metallic star polyp frag. All I can say is, they both added something I felt was missing. I wasn't expecting the chalice to be nearly as beautiful as the photo. It's much more beautiful. Both corals acclimated easy and both are very happy.

Thank you salty for beautiful healthy corals at a wonderful price!

Testimonial by: Sharon I. of New Mexico
Date added: 05/17/2013

The Best

This is my second purchase from Salty Underground and my third internet frag purchase. The frags are GREAT. They are healthy, they are correctly packaged, they are generous (not little tiny 3 polyp things).

I will probably still try some other places (just for variety) but from my experience so far, these guys are the best. Salty Underground does it right.

Testimonial by: Joe
Date added: 05/07/2013
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