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Eating Away

Kevin Thanks for the berghia. I had 2 of the 8 eating aptasia within 30 mins of introduction to the tank. Great packaging and service. Hopefully I won't need anymore of your berghia, but wouldn't hesi ...

~ By Sean

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No Longer a Victim

HOLY COW! Totally awesome. There was a BUNCH of aiptasia, and I just moved a straggler to the last aiptasia I can see. Thanks a bunch again! WAAAHOOO!
You guys will be recommended for aiptasia problems. Lucky I am no longer a victim to them haha!!!!

Testimonial by: Kris J. of USA
Date added: 12/24/2012


I bought 20 Berghia two months ago. Every one arrived alive and active. I had Hundreds of Aiptasia in my tank and my sump. I added most of them in the tank and a few in the sump. Here we are 2 months later and i can find a single Aiptasia....Thanks guys, You made me a happy camper.......Harry

Testimonial by: Harry Monceaux of Louisiana
Date added: 12/07/2012

Healthy Specimens

Great experience! Site is easy to order from, most of the coral are WYSIWYG and I can attest to that. They were the exact corals I received. The communication throughout the entire process puts your mind at ease. Absolutely no worries, everything arrived well packed and all in my tank doing great. The elegance coral is absolutely stunning! The best specimen I have seen in a long time. I would not hesitate to do business here again and highly recommend purchasing your corals here.

Testimonial by: N. Salazar of Denver
Date added: 12/06/2012

So Excited!

We received the clownfish and they are currently being acclimated!! We are so excited! Thank you so much! I'm sure we'll continue doing business! :)

Testimonial by: Danielle C. of Miami, FL
Date added: 12/01/2012

Extremely Pleased

I just wanted to say thanks for the free coral and I'm so extremely pleased with my acans. They are gorgeous.

Testimonial by: Rebecca M of Southern Illinois
Date added: 11/30/2012


I just wanted you to know that everything arrived safely, was well packaged, and beautiful!

Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Testimonial by: Tom F. of Slidell, LA
Date added: 11/29/2012

Aptasia All Gone

Back in July, I added the Berghia, and never saw them again. I assumed that they'd all died or been devoured by my aiptasia.

Nope. Less than a week ago, I spotted a half dozen at the front of the tank -- most quite large, 2 mating. I also noticed that all my aiptasia were gone in that tank.

I've been distributing some of my spare Berghia to other tanks that need them, but am finding fewer and fewer aiptasia in those tanks. I suspect that it is just a few more days and I'll be out of food for the Berghia.

Thank you!

Testimonial by: David S. of Maryland
Date added: 11/09/2012

Excellent Corals

Just wanted to let you know the corals are in good shape-the packaging was excellent!!
I'm sure I will do business with you again!

And thanks again for sending out so quickly-I appreciate it!

Testimonial by: David J. of Kansas
Date added: 10/17/2012


Got the package and everything looks great. I'm 1 hour into the berghia drip acclimation and do far everything is moving around and looking great. Thanks for making this easy!

Testimonial by: Jason W. of AURORA, IL
Date added: 10/07/2012

Berghia and Corals Arrive

Everything arrived in perfect shape. Thanks again and I will be back soon.

Testimonial by: Brenda N. of Minnesota
Date added: 10/07/2012

Berghia Do the Job

Thank you. I can't believe how much better my tank looks. Best investment in my tank in a long time. I will certainly recommend you to anyone having an aiptasia problem.

Testimonial by: Bruce F. of Michigan
Date added: 10/07/2012

Getting to Work

Thank you very much! The berghia look great and have already gone to work! I will definitely order more in the future!

Testimonial by: Steve D. of Maine
Date added: 09/28/2012

Berghia Snow Storm

I got 6 of the 1/4"+ berghia from SU, I had hundreds, maybe thousands of Aiptasia. It took 6 mos. for the berghia to get it under control but they did. One night I went in late and under the moon lights saw dozens of them all over the place, the rocks, the glass, it looked like a berghia snow storm, some were huge.

Testimonial by: Dan of Oklahoma
Date added: 09/23/2012

moving the tank

I decided to take my 210 gallon tank off it's stand and move it into the wall, I hired the Salty Underground crew to make the move for me, They did a great job, arrived early and by mid afternoon they had everything up and going, it appears all the fish and corals survived the move, No way I could of done all this on my own, Now all I need is my contractor back here to trim it all out and i'll be happy. Thank you for all the hard work and see you on Friday.

Testimonial by: Michael Cottrell of Edwardsville Illinois
Date added: 09/18/2012

Aiptasia All Gone

Your nudibranches did a great job in my infested tank. I had the JBJ cube and all the aiptasia went into the back where the built in overflow was. There were hundreds of them in there. I was afraid to put the nudibranches in there, well they were having babies [nudibranches] and the larger ones went into the overflow by themselves. They were going a great job, but I decided to get a bigger tank. So I moved my live rock into the new tank and most of the nudibranches. They ate everyone of the aiptasia. Thank you for being the ONLY smart person to put the Berghia Nudibranch on the market!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the BEST out there!!!

Testimonial by: Brenda of Charleroi, PA
Date added: 09/14/2012
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