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Eating Away

Kevin Thanks for the berghia. I had 2 of the 8 eating aptasia within 30 mins of introduction to the tank. Great packaging and service. Hopefully I won't need anymore of your berghia, but wouldn't hesi ...

~ By Sean

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First Order Great!

Very impressed with our first coral order from you! Here is a picture of the sun coral. He loved this tank and in the first 15 minutes it was open. I believe you will have a returning customer.

Testimonial by: Robert B. of Montana
Date added: 07/03/2014
First Order Great!
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Amazing Berghia

I thought you might be interested in hearing about my experience with the Berghia Nuibranchs I ordered in January of this year. Back then, my tank was riddled with aiptasia and I order am army of nudis to do their thing. They were quite successful within a few weeks (month?) and were rewarded with extinction from starvation afterwards, of course. Poor guys.

Fast forward almost five and a half months and I notice one teeny aiptasia appeared on a rock. No new rock has been added to my tank, so the army must have missed it. Who knows. Maybe it was just a tiny dot back then.

Two weeks ago, I moved all my rock and livestock to a new tank. Here is where the story gets interesting.... I spotted that stray aiptasia and saw that he made the transition to his new home. A couple nights ago, I used a red light to view my tank after dark and looked for that aiptasia. What do I see? A half inch Berghia right on top of it! Amazing

Testimonial by: Lisa R of Illinois
Date added: 06/24/2014

Beautiful Coral!

Everything arrived in great condition, couldn't be happier! Elegance coral is truly a showpiece. Thank you I will be doing business with y'all again!

Testimonial by: Tyler G of San Angelo, TX
Date added: 06/24/2014

Thank You

All berghia and coral arrived fine and have been acclimated. Excellent service and livestock.

Testimonial by: DuWayne M. of Minnesota
Date added: 05/23/2014

Love Your Corals

Love everything that i ordered! It all looks great! i am always checking your site for new arrivals.
Your Happy Customer.

Testimonial by: Matt of Michigan
Date added: 05/23/2014


Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I got my delivery. EVERYTHING was very healthy and beautiful! The bag of nudis had three batches of eggs! I got them all acclimated and transferred. Thank you for your attention to detail.

Testimonial by: Connie B. of Alabama
Date added: 05/23/2014

Doing Great

Our corals all arrived on time and are all doing great, thanks for your help on the delivery address change. Looking forward to doing additional business with you.

Testimonial by: Gerald and Marcia of USA
Date added: 05/23/2014

Great Grandis

Everything came and looks fine. It was a pleasure doing business with you. It is hard to find someone who gives good customer service anymore.

Testimonial by: Bob of Virginia
Date added: 05/23/2014

Great Service Very Happy

To start with, I was very impressed with the service. I made a request to have Berghia shipped for arrival on a specific date. I received a follow email and call ensuring that the requested date was correct. The Berghia arrived on the specified date, well packaged and healthy.

I have had the Berghia in my aquarium for a couple of months now and they have been doing a fantastic job of cleaning up my Aiptasia infestation. Almost all of my bare live rock had Aiptasia. I had been fighting them with Aiptasia-X for the last couple of years with no success. With the Berghia almost all of the Aiptasia are now gone. I see the Berghia working away most evenings. Some have gotten really fat!

Testimonial by: Walter Hodges of Dallas
Date added: 05/20/2014

Very Happy!

Outstanding costumer support and service, package arrived in perfect conditions and even had a little star fish ! Will with out a question order again from salty underground. Thank you very much.

Testimonial by: Sean F. of PA
Date added: 04/24/2014


Got my half inch nudibranchs today and they were very happy upon arrival and are now aclimated and doing great in my tank went straight for an aptasia great looking nudibranch and I got a dersa clam as well and it is beautiful as well thank you

Testimonial by: joshua vance of jacksonville nc
Date added: 04/03/2014


I have to say that when I first heard about the Berghia Nudibranches eating aiptasia I thought this must be some kind of joke. Then I decided what the heck. What could it hurt? I bought 10 of them for my 120 gallon reef tank. They were all shipped alive and well. I placed them in my tank as directed. I never saw them again for about 2-3 weeks. Then I started noticing aiptasia disappearing one by one. After 4 weeks an entire rock was clear of aiptasia. I have now spotted a few of them at night cruising the rocks. Very interesting little creatures. All I can say is that they have made a believer out of me!

Testimonial by: Ben Schaeffer of United States
Date added: 04/02/2014

A Pleasure

Everything arrived in good condition, and we are starting the acclimation process already. It has been a pleasure doing business with you, and I will certainly be a return customer. The communications and customer service has been second to none!!

Testimonial by: Len of USA
Date added: 03/21/2014

Berghia Nudibranch

Failed to set up a QT and survived for years. Then had some aiptasia enter the system through some zoanthids. The aiptasia spread throughout the display tank even with repeated treatments of aiptasia removers and kalk. Eventually the display tank was overrun by aiptasia. Read articles on Berghia and found Salty Underground online as no Berghia could be found locally. Read all the information provided by Salty Underground and followed up with a telephone call describing my problem and asking for advice. Customer service was informative and patient. Purchased eight 1/4 " Berghia for a 46G display tank. Followed the acclimation procedures and put them all in one spot at the far right hand side of the tank. They devoured all the aiptasia in the tank moving from right to left, and they multiplied in the tank. The process took a couple of months. Assisted in the destruction of the aiptasia twice as it seemed some were too large or too near the powerheads or some tiny ones reappeared in areas already swept clean in an attempt to survive . All of the aiptasia are gone and have been gone for a couple months. Highly recommend this, and will be setting up a QT.

Testimonial by: FirstContact
Date added: 03/20/2014

Great deal!

I have nothing but positive thing to say about my order. The owner offered me a deal on a rare polyp
and made it very easy for me to choose the deal on the website. The animals are well package and look
better than the pictures on the website! Would definitely order from again!

Testimonial by: Max Tran of Brooklyn, NY
Date added: 03/17/2014
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